Even as it is the holiday season, it’s summer and it is says “holiday” in the diary, it’s not always holiday in your mind, have you noticed?

Perhaps it depends on how you define the term holiday. I define it as a relaxation that is felt in the mind, body and soul. One of those relaxations that makes you suddenly feel the corners of your mouth pull up to a smile, and you are satisfied with life without any apparent reason. Whatever you see around you is beautiful and valuable, and you just feel generally cheerful, lacking nothing.

It is in such moments that solutions to problems just appear as an impulse or a thought that happens to pass by in your mind’s flow, and you can just pick it like a ripe apple from a branch. Obvious, simple and beautiful.

It is in these moments that creativity is most readily available too, I’ve noticed. This lack of goal orientation makes space for spontaneity and joy, and what I create is almost creating itself. I see it clearly with my paintings. When I enter the studio with the attitude that I’m just going to add a layer or two to each painting, moving the process forward without any specific goal in mind, it’s like I’m opening up for anything to happen. And it does! I am often surprised myself!

A totally different atmosphere with completely different results, it found if my attitude is that I now need to Finish a Painting and do it fast and well. This increases the pressure, hope and fear enters the stage and there is tension.

So, if a holiday is as easily accessible as a few moments of relaxation of body and mind, it may well be as simple as taking a mini break in whatever you are doing. Stop and let yourself relax in the way that suits you best. It does not matter what time of the year it is and what it says in your diary. Take 20 seconds holiday and enjoy!

Wishing you all a beautiful summer!

Ania Witwitzka
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