A hectic life makes you forget that life is magical.
You need reminding – every day.

Ania Witwitzka Gallery home

View some of my work and find your favourites among the painting in the different categories: latest work, large paintings, commissions, colours and haiku paintings.

Ania Witwitzka Nature's Power home

A commission painting where I will paint your special spot in nature and bring out its essence that is magical to you, all in accordance to your wishes of colours and format. Click here for more information.

Ania Witwitzka Signature Painting home

A commission painting for businesses that wish to communicate to their clients their values through the language of emotions – art. This painting is perfect for waiting rooms, receptions and conference halls. Click here for more information.


Gallery Engelsson
Gothenburg Sweden
Erik Dahlbergsgatan
September 2020

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