My paintings are made to serve as reminders of life’s inherent magic. Sinking into their colours and patterns for a short moment in the midst of a busy life is an invitation to resting your mind in the space where calm and clarity opens up new possibilities and solutions.

This is my gift to you through these paintings.

In this short 2 minute video Ania describes what lies behind her work.

There is so much magic in these paintings. I feel instantly soothed the moment my eyes meet their softness…
but deeply alive and vital as the wash of colours create unavoidable magic. Magic is all I’m left with in the moment.

John Wright, Musician, Bristol, UK


Growing up in the outskirts of Stockholm as one of two daughters to Polish parents (who had to flee their homeland as political refugees and come to Sweden 1976, just a few months before I was born), I remember painting with my mum at the desk as she was illustrating children’s books. These moments, as well as walks in the woods near our block of flats, were the most joy-filled times I remember from my early years.

As I got into my teens, life got difficult. My parent’s upcoming divorce started to become an inevitable fact, making our family life a challenge for a long time. This combined with the internal turmoil and identity crisis of the teenage years, made me feel very lost, confused and insecure. The way I would find relief was to close the door to my room and paint, or seeking solace in the nature that always would offer grounding, calm and a clarity of mind.

Later I studied art at all possible levels, from evening courses to years at university in England. But I found myself lost in intellectual concepts of art that unfortunately eroded away my joy and the connection to magic from my creativity and stopped me painting for many years.

Reaching the end of my 20s, I had to stop my university studies and go on sick leave because of depression and burnout. Confusion, stress and meaninglessness were overpowering me, and I knew I had to find a direction in life that was in line with what I knew to be true and who I was at the core.

While still on sick leave I stumbled across a method of painting, Vedic Art, that was not focusing on how to depict what I saw around me, but on helping me free my creativity and find my own visual expression. I knew this was what I had been waiting for!

As I dove in to this new way of creativity I was not surprised to find that when I gave myself to playfulness and exploitation, the paintings that took shape were landscapes celebrating the magic of life. This became my path to a meaningful life and I have not stopped painting since.

It is my honour to be offering the world reminders of life’s magic through my art.

Ania’s paintings are unique, warm and has enchanted me from the first moment.
We met by chance and I was immediately hooked on the beautiful colours and the magical atmosphere of her art.
In addition, Ania is a warmhearted and wonderful human being, which is reflected in her paintings.
Since I, as an interior designer, use colours as one of the most essential ingredients in my projects,
Ania’s paintings fit nicely in many of my commissions.

Susanne Erlandsson, owner of Hillye of Sweden Interior Design, Sweden


Represented by Galleri Kim Anstensen -Gothenburg
Gallery and More – Gothenburg – September 2016
Gallery Rune Vallström Karlsson – Stockholm, Sweden – May 2016
Studio Aroma SPA – Gothenburg, Sweden – Nov 2015- April 2016
Swedental Tradeshow- Gothenburg, Sweden – Nov 2015
Hem och Villa Tradeshow – Gothenburg, Sweden – Sep 2015
MLG Gallery – Stockholm, Sweden – May 2015
Gallery Tersaeus – Stockholm, Sweden – April 2014
ALIGN – Newton Abbot, England – Spring 2013
Gallery Terseus – Stockholm, Sweden – August 2012
Gallery CREARE – Fjällbacka, Sweden – summer 2012
Gallery CREARE – Gothenburg, Sweden – August 2011
Gallery CREARE – Fjällbacka, Sweden – July 2011
Exhibition Tour – Cornwall, England – 2009- 2010
Gallery CREARE – Fjällbacka, Sweden – July 2010
Gallery CREARE- Gothenburg, Sweden – May 2010
Malateh – Chiang Mai, Thailand – March 2010
The Willow – Totnes, England – Feb 2009
Art Rooms – Totnes, England – Nov 2008-Jan 2009
The Tangerine Tree – Totnes, England – 2008-2009
Gallery CREARE – Smögen, Sweden – August 2007
Fridhem – Stjärnsund, Dalarna, Sweden – May and Oct 2007
Avesta Library – Avesta, Dalarna, Sweden – mars 2007


  • Dartington College of Arts Devon, England, Degree in Contemporary Theatre and Movement
  • Cumbria Institute of the Arts Cumbria, England, Diploma in Fine Art
  • Vedic Art – teacher training Öland, Sweden
  • Åsö Gymnasium, Work focused educationStockholm, Sweden, Media design programme
  • Nordens Folkhögskola Stockholm, Sweden, Photography
  • Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden – Art History
  • Sollentuna Fria Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden – Arts programme
  • Steiner School (Waldorf school), Primary and Secondary school in StockholmSweden.


Owner of Ania Witwizka Fine Art Sweden and England (ongoing)
Primary services: paintings, commissioned work and art courses.
Also offer services in illustration and Art Direction.

As well as private clients, company clients include:
– Studio Aroma SPA, Gothenburg
– Narkoskliniken (dentist) Stockholm
– Swedish Forestery Federation Stockholm
– Swedish wood building council in Stockholm
– Di Palomo Cosmetics, Torquay, UK,
– Align Chiropractic, Newton Abbot, UK

Engström m.fl. – advertising agency and producer of business events  Stockholm, Sweden – Art Director and Graphic Designer,

Vedic Art Centre Öland, Sweden – Workshop leader at yearly summer camp

University College Falmouth, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK – Guest lecturer

The Moveable Feast Workshop Company, Devon, England, – Guest Workshop Leader

A-levels school: Sundstagymansiet, Karlstad, Sweden – Guest Workshop Leader


– Artist’s residency at ComPeung, Chiang Mai, Thailand
– Project manager for a performance-festival, Hedemora, Sweden
– Friskus, Dalarna Sweden, Rehab-program – Guest Workshop Leader
– Balanced View Centre, international peace organisation with centres in Sweden, India and England – project manager and hostess