Here is the first part of a series of blog posts in which I will share with you on how it happened that I became an artist.

Question: What or who influenced you to become a painter?
Answer: I would say that the most important person supporting my decision to first of all pursue my creative dream, and to later become an artist and entrepreneur is my mother, Alina Witwitzka (who is an amazing painter herself, se her work at

All through my upbringing she has, in various ways focused on a creative outlet for herself. My sense of creativity being something of weight and value was never something that was talked about, but it was LIVED, just as much as eating the food we ate and engaging in activities of daily life. My mum would not let a child, that was me, hinder her, she would just invite me in, letting me sit opposite her at her desk as she was illustrating children’s books at home, and bring me along to her art studies at university, letting me get involved in similar activities to her, only more child friendly versions. It must have been handy for her that I was quite a calm and quiet kid who loved the inward looking focus of creative activity, not causing too much fuss. By brining me along, she communicated a message of encouragement that boosted my confidence in the creative area for life, I am sure.

Up to my late teens mum would always have another job to support us alongside her painting, but after my parents divorced, she moved to another city in Sweden and started living off her art entirely. At this point I was off in England engaged in my own university studies within the arts, and as I was relying on her mental and emotional support in this time I was also watching her develop and shine as an impressive entrepreneur and business woman.

By living next to someone who is embracing art and creativity as a part of their daily life and then later on daring to take the step to live their dream and focusing on this full time, I have been able to do the same. As everyone knows ”it is impossible to life off you art” and yet, in see someone dear to me who is showing me and the world that this is not true. I am so proud to bring this legacy forward and to live my dream and share my passion with the world just as she is!

Thank you mum from the bottom of my heart!! <3 Ania Witwitzka