Dare to dream more!

Dare to dream more!

What if we don’t allow ourselves to dream enough in life!? What if we no longer have day-dreams, desires, fantasies, and imagine our possible future, because it is not “realistic” and that we therefore not know what we want and long for in life!

If someone asks us what we would do if we got ten million pounds, or what we see ourselves doing in ten years, we stand there speechless! That is a disaster, if you ask me!

In the landscapes I paint, the vastness of distance is often one of the strongest features of my compositions. There is usually a high sky and a horizon with a light that shimmers from behind it. The landscapes with trees, mountains and water are placed in the front, often as silhouettes against the light. These dreamy distances allow for an expansion of the mind. I aim to give the viewer my version of those moments in nature when I experience this vastness. I wish to convey an openness, linked to the hopefulness that is the message of shimmering light ahead. Nothing is impossible!

I paint because I want to convey the strong sense of the grandeur and expansion of life. In moments like those in my paintings, I perceive a reality beyond the limitations that allows me to see my own limitless power to be the greatest version of myself.

In these moments there are no limitations to what is “realistic” and anything is possible. I want to be ready to receive when life gives of its great prosperity. My experience is that when I know what I want, life does its best to deliver. So I take my responsibility, keep my part of the deal and make sure to dream, wish and visualize as much as I ever can!

Ania Witwitzka
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