Decision making when painting and in life

Decision making when painting and in life

I am one of those people that find a feeling of safety in being in control of life. Knowing where I am going and what is about to happen. I like life when things are going my way and when the path forward is structured and clear. Yet I am finding that many situations in life are everything but that, and I am totally not in control!

For example, decisions just cannot be made right away because all the facts are not yet know, directions cannot be taken as other things need to fall into place first, new circumstances appear out of the blue, and on and on.

And right here is my opportunity to choose how I want to react, who I want to be and how I want to show up in life. It seems so easy to slip into disappointment, anger, blame and frustration. But do I want to be a victim or an empowered human being?

What if I can relax and wait and let the right decisions and direction emerge by letting things be as they are until things get clear?

When I paint I get to practice exactly this: do I force where my painting is going or do wait for it to guide me?

My painting practice is more magical the more I allow the flow of the process to naturally run its course and guide me, letting me discover what to do in each step, instead of me pushing and forcing ideas that I think would “look good” onto it. I have found that when I force things (just because I am impatient) I do not like the outcome! What a lesson for life!

I see that the most rewarding way of working is to set things up pointing in a certain direction and after that I relax and just make myself available to collaborate with what occurs in each moment. Letting the flow lead me and remain responsive and solution-oriented. Moment by moment.

I see that the kindest approach is to wait for decisions to make themselves. “I don’t know until I know”, so to speak.

I guess the key here is to not look for safety in the “right” decisions but to relax and see that I am already safe.

with love,