Every moment, a new opportunity

Every moment, a new opportunity

Each moment is new. Each moment is new as an early summer’s morning with the dew glittering in the grass, and all of life’s opportunities lying in front of you. Bright and shining.

Each new moment is completely without luggage – open.

The opportunity to choose who I want to be is there in every moment. If I relax into simplicity for a short moment, I experience openness and clarity. Wow!

Each painting is a new start. Full of new opportunities – wide open. I can choose which way I want to go. Color, texture and size. I start a new journey. I cannot control what will happen on this journey, but I can decide a direction and choose how I want to respond to what comes my way. It is my responsibility. My part of the deal.

Each painting can become The Great Adventure, if I am open enough.

My commitment is what makes the journey to a teaching, an experience that matures into wisdom. This is a dance with life that I don’t want to miss!

with much love,