Hooray for the mobile art studio!

Hooray for the mobile art studio!

Now I’m on the move again! This time I am in Norway and here I get around by kick-sled on the glistening snow and enjoy the severe cold (-18 degrees some mornings) with many layers of clothing on!

And once again, I have packed my mobile painting studio in my suitcase. For many years now, my creativity had to find new physical bases just like this, where I lay out my protective plastic sheet, my blanket to sit on and my canvases, paints and brushes on a floor somewhere so I could paint. Since I have chosen a mobile lifestyle and refused to let go of painting, this has been the perfect solution! The amount of painting material have had to be slimmed down and optimized, the tubes of paint have become smaller, just a few favorite brushes where brought, the canvases came unmounted and rolled up and a minimizing of everything has made this possible and even enjoyable!

It is wonderful to be able to be flexible enough to not have to have everything perfect and still be able to paint. Being creative in creating conditions for creativity has made it possible for me to do what I love wherever I am. Right now I sit on the floor in a kitchen and paint and get to eat my meals in the living room! The paintings that I am working on are hung around the walls and all of my current living space becomes my studio.

I love having my creativity with me wherever I am and it’s so important not to lose the flow just because I’m not in my home environment. The magic dialogue that is the act of painting is allowed to continue, the expression that is that my language in this world can fit into my life no matter where I am. The paintings continue to convey their message through me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and it is my responsibility to keep it alive. Hooray for the mobile art studio!

With much warmth,