I am a know-it-all!

I am a know-it-all!

Really, I have sooo many opinions! All the time and about everything! Ask me and I will not stop talking. It does not end! Lately I have reflected on just how much I have the habit of crowding so many of my close relationship with my opinions, and it gets so cramped in every way!

Recently I have tried just to relaxing when impulses of wanting to share my opinions arise, and I realize to my delight that it there is so much more spaciousness and openness when I let my close ones be where they are at in their lives, let them be who they are. My task is to give them my support and love, to confirm their inherent greatness and wisdom, not to drown them in my opinions and advice that they have not asked for!

If I do not open the doors of opinions about all the different subjects as they show up along life’s corridor, and just let myself be, though the impulse is strong to share my thoughts on how she should do this and he should do that, I see I do not need to go on and become tense and angry over that they do not see how right I am and how disastrous it will be if they do not do as I say. Then I suddenly SEE THEM! Yes, focusing on my opinions prevents me from seeing their inherent strength! When insisting on my opinions, I have taken over the situation and it is suddenly all about me and how right I am in my advice, instead of being about the person who just expressed a problem or a situation that needs to be solved. Unbelievable!

It’s so clear that I just want to be beneficial, just want to help and support. Who would have thought that I could do it best by not doing or saying anything at all? The amazing thing is that when I start to relax instead of acting on impulse, eventually a more fine impulse shows up on how I can be most useful in this situation, a sensitivity that is not about me but about the benefits of all of all. And suddenly, I see myself speak or act in new ways from a completely different angle that really IS supportive. Fantastic!

The most wonderful thing is that when I treat my paintings as just such a close relationship that I do not jump on with my thoughts, opinions and decisions, I find can LISTEN TO the painting and HEAR what it wants. Through this more humble attitude the paintings takes new directions and new worlds and images opens up that I would never be able to think up. It’s still me, but it is diluted and with that which is larger, which is not controlled by how I feel and think. A dance with life’s greatness, there on the canvas.

Ania Witwitzka