Experience the powerful effects of nature daily at home, on your wall. Enjoy the healing, inspiration and rejuvenation effects of a site in nature that is dear to you interpreted as a painting and experience how nature is a key to our daily empowerment.


I paint a free interpretation of a site in nature that is special to you. You will receive a unique painting in accordance with my painting style that evokes nature’s power to rejuvenate and calm – the key to your inner power to be inspired by everyday. During the creation process you get to follow your painting being created by receiving updates from my studio as I work accordingly to your wishes for colour and design.

You will receive:

  • A painting that is unique to you, celebrating a place from your life and the experiences and relationships that are associated with it.
  • A source of recovery and calm in the midst of your everyday life where there is sometimes little room for “me time” to recharge the batteries.
  • A work that supports you to find new angles and solutions in life: a painting of colour, magic and creativity that inspires and grows with time.

The more you look, the more there is to see.


We meet and you tell me about your site and why it is important for you. I ask questions to get a deeper understanding and we also talk about the topic of your painting, colour, size and composition. We also look at some of my earlier paintings, and see which aspects you like.

After the meeting, I send a summary of what we discussed for you to accept in order to ensure that I understood you correctly. Once we agree I start to paint your painting! You then get to follow when your painting gets created through regular updates from my studio.

When your painting is complete, you will see your work and it handed to you framed in your choice from a selected range of frames. Now you can begin to enjoy and feel its power in your everyday life!

Frida’s Oasis in the Forest

Frida told me of a primitive house without electricity or water deep in the forest of Värmland in Sweden on her late grandmother’s estate. The place is like an oasis, a bright opening in the dense forest. “The Park” as the farm is known, has served as a place for Frida to be close to nature, to be close to herself and to make way for peace and creativity.

“My relationship to the site has been enhanced. I have now Ania’s perspective on the place that makes it widened and deepened. The place has always given me a sense of peace and recovery and Ania’s interpretation gives me the opportunity to experience both the actual location while sinking into the painting’s artistic depth on a daily basis.”

Frida Larsson


  • You have a hectic daily life and yearn for nature’s healing power
  • You get your energy from nature, even if you spend most of your time in town
  • You wish to recreate the magic of a place in nature that means a lot to you every day
  • You would love to enhance your home with artwork that inspires and grows the more you watch it.
  • You enjoy my art and would love to have a free artistic interpretation of your particular place in nature in accordance with my painting style that is not based on a naturalistic depiction*.
  • You understand that the painting comes as a result of our team work: the unique combination of my paintings and your story with your preferences.
  • You find it exciting to go on the creative journey and in the creative process that often is not linear.

* Please note my paintings rarely contain people, buildings or objects created by man.

Linda’s Magical Summer

It was a perfect evening for a first date, Linda told me. The light of dusk filled the sky with magical colours and the park’s trees were silhouetted against the sky. The atmosphere was dense and breathed life’s greatness, the unity of everything and its inherent perfection. Life’s endless possibilities were apparent this evening, Linda knew. Linda and her now husband had their first date with a picnic and wine on a beautiful summer’s evening in a park in Gothenburg.
This moment was filled with love greater than that between two human beings – all encompassing and magical.

“This painting reminds me daily of the possibility of relaxation in everything that happens. It is an inspiration for the expansion of the mind. When I look at it, I experience magic and power – it is a reminder of the inherent magic that occurs naturally in the world we live in.”

Linda Norin – Health & Exercise Motivation

Siren’s Mountain Top

Siren’s most special place in nature is a spot in the snowy mountain ranges of Norway. She often visits the place, alone on skis and she describes its qualities as restful, majestic and rejuvenating. Standing high on a platform, she views the valley below, with tiny houses in the distance. She wanted the painting to portray the force of the mountains and nature’s vastness, in which she can let herself expand and recharge.

“To be involved in the making of a painting of my favourite place in nature has been very special and exciting. Ania has been generous and responsive, and she has been genuinely interested in making sure my wishes for the painting where met in every step of the process. The Art Experience “Nature’s Power” is a unique offer that Ania provide in a brilliant way.”

Siren Kismul, nursing home manager
Please note: the call will last 20 minutes.