The earth has an amazing power. When you see it from above from a distance, our planet is blue and green and white (snow), completely whole and perfect, without borders, scars and wounds. Everything on it and all who live on it are a part of this whole. Sometimes an experience of distance is needed to be reminded that we are
not in the nature or on the earth – we ARE nature! There is no ”us” and ”them” between us and the earth. We are one — a simplicity to draw strength and empowerment from.

On a holiday in the mountains in the north of Sweden, my family and I were heading down a mountain after walking for many hours. I had fallen a little behind and remember that I stopped for a minute to let myself be filled with the magnificence of the mountains around me. Right there I had a powerful insight into exactly how small I was, how vulnerable, in the middle of this quiet, gigantic landscape that that rested in an eternity that I would never fully understand. I resumed my walk with new level of humility and gratitude for life, thinking that all people would benefit from experiencing being so small from time to time.

With my clients we talk about moments in nature that give energy and inspiration, and I interpret this in a unique painting that becomes a source of power in everyday life. I call it ”The Nature’s Power Painting” and it is both a process and a painting. The painting is a reminder of our connection with each other and the everything, a reminder of humility and gratitude for what we have in life.

Ania Witwitzka