Quite Simply

Quite Simply

When I look at my paintings, I see that what dominates them are simple shapes, simplified landscapes, often only as silhouettes or symbols. I find that I want the paintings simple in terms of the imagery. Clean, in a way. So that the colors can shine, so that the textures can and tell their stories which are more abstract yet expressive.

The choice to keep it simple has been a strategy that also works in life for me, as a way to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed. I often say to myself ‘keep it simple now, Ania” (sometimes even out loud, but do not tell anyone) and this allows an overheated brain to calm down and I find it possible to relax.

Keeping it simple has been a bit of a mantra for me in recent years. I see that I find it possible not to complicate things as much when I remind myself of this. Less drama in life, how wonderful!

When I allow myself to be simple I get in touch with the essence of who I am, which is quite uncomplicated, open and receptive to life just as it is. It is easier to deal with myself as I am and see that I only HAVE all these thoughts and feelings, who I AM, on the other hand, is open and uncomplicated and stable. My being is ultimately not affected by anything. From this place, it is easier to maintain clarity and deal life that is constantly flowing and changing in all its expressions and activities. My painting’s simplicity helps me to remind me of my own simplicity. It is as simple as that.

Ania Witwitzka
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