Say it with a painting! Your business’s message in a unique art piece especially created to communicate to your customers with the language of emotions!


The Signature Painting focuses on the values that your business wants to convey to your customers. With images inspired from nature as the base, and in my typical style of painting, I use tools like color, light, depth and magic to convey your message. A piece like a Signature Painting is perfect for spaces such as the by reception desk, waiting rooms, reception rooms, conference rooms or waiting rooms. The placement of the painting will determines its size and format, and I work according to your wishes of color schemes and composition.

You will receive:

  • A painting that makes your customer experience your company’s message intuitively.
  • You can welcome your customers with a work of art that convey the power of nature and inspire hope, harmony and tranquility.
  • To increase the comfort factor in the environment where you receive your customers through a painting with a focus on color, light, depth and magic.


You tell me about the company’s values and what you want your painting to communicate to your customers. We’re talking about image content, color, size and composition and we look at my earlier work to define what aspects and qualities you particularly enjoy. After the meeting, I send you a summary of what we discussed for you to approve. Once we agree I start the painting process! You will receive updates from the studio showing how the work is progressing. The finished painting is shown and handed over framed in a frame of your choice*. Your artwork is ready to talk to your customers!

* The frames are selected within a certain range.

After the meeting, I send a summary of what we discussed for you to accept in order to ensure that I understood you correctly. Once we agree I start to paint your painting! You then get to follow when your painting gets created through regular updates from my studio.

When your painting is complete, you will see your work and it handed to you framed in your choice from a selected range of frames. Now you can begin to enjoy and feel its power in your everyday life!

Calming effect on Dental Clinic

Narkoskliniken (The Anaesthetic Clinic) is a specialist clinic for anaesthesia and treatment of patients with dental phobia in central Stockholm. It is today the largest clinic for painless treatment of dental patients with phobia and offers the most complete range of treatment methods available in the country. Joakim Skott who own Narkoskliniken commissioned me for a painting. He asked that the painting would portray a peaceful nature scene and it was important that nothing scary or dramatic could be interpreted into the image. The task of the landscape painting would be to help the patients to dream away, feel confident and strong. Today the painting hangs in the waiting room at the clinic.

“We asked for a painting that is both calm and hopeful. The painting Ania created for us was just that, and we have received many positive reactions from the patients.”

Joakim Skott, dentist and owner of Narkoskliniken, Stockholm


  • Run a business where the customer’s well-being is at the centre and where the environment are meant to inspire hope and positivity.
  • Wish to enhance the atmosphere of your reception or waiting room with a work of art that convey the company’s values intuitively to the customer.
  • Want to make a wordless impression on their customers and give a message that will last.

Dreaming away at a beauty salon

Studio Aroma is a results oriented skin care clinic and spa in central Gothenburg that has been very popular since its start in 2002. The clinic performs medical and aesthetic treatments in synergy with nature and man. I had the great honour to create a Signature Painting for Studio Aroma. The task given to me by the beauty salon owner Anna Maria Eide was to create a painting that would give customers the feeling of relaxation, tranquillity, beauty and magic which is what they come to the salon to experience, and that the painting would include and play with the colors of the salon’s logo and other interior design element. The painting is now located at the front desk under the logo and are among the first customers see.

“The painting communicates calmness. When entering the beauty salon our customers are greeted by a positive feeling and many have expressed that they think the painting is beautiful and energizing.”

Anna Maria Eide, skin therapist, owner of Studio Aroma Spa

Please note: the call will last 20 minutes.