The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

In recent years I have had the opportunity to see the power of gratitude and the marvelous effects it may have to stop and reflect on what I am thankful for in life. I mean it, the repetition of this extremely simple activity has changed my life!

A wise woman said, “your life are the stories you tell yourself,” what I believe is my truth. The story of gratitude was not a story I focused on so much before, but in recent years I have been practicing as I have been attended a training in the nature of mind that has taught me the power of focusing on what is good and what works. I have made a commitment to refrain from complaining, gossiping and talking about others who are not present, and the results have been a life with more love and less drama.

To get out of the victim role in various situations and relationships has meant that I have been able to step into my power – a fantastic feeling of freedom. Suddenly I feel more joy and the relationships that were previously colored by blame are now filled with love and ease. I had not realized the power I have over my own attitude to life, and how much suffering I have caused myself and others by being stuck in feeling sorry for myself. My experience is that people are so incredibly powerful, and it is only the limitations we put on ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) that prevents us from shining in life in every way.

I opened up the gratitude and let my fetter of criticism of everything and everyone (mostly myself) to be seen for what it was, just a thought that comes and goes but that ultimately lacks truth value and power to affect me. When the self-loathing slowly let go because I no longer fed it with my focus, I experienced how my creativity could begin to flourish. Suddenly I dared to accept the style of my paintings, which I had previously dismissed believing that fairytale worlds was not worthy enough.

I have more and more dared to open myself to myself as I am, without needing to change who I am, and slowly I have started to see that who I am and what I have can actually be an asset! I can help others in the most simple but powerful ways by being exactly who I am, paint what I paint. As I become gentler with myself, I have found that I am also more open to others and to life. There is now a greater flexibility and solution focus that makes life a lot easier to live.

Ania Witwitzka
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